"Another Light-Year Over, a New One just Begun."

A very quick update, just to say that I'm still alive, and I'm still casually checking-in and keeping my blog up-to-date.

This year has started with a bang. I finally got to meet Q for the first time and enjoy his "Winter Wonderland" (but, I'm sad to say, I missed out on a Star Trek "lightsaber"). Luckily (or unluckily), SW:TOR is no competition for me, as it won't be out for another couple of months in Australia!

Anyway, the other great news is... Duty Officers have arrived! I love this addition. It really makes you feel like a Captain, browsing assignments, planning missions, managing rosters, and then... simply sitting back in your Ready Room, waiting for news. It also really makes you feel like you're on a busy, working Starfleet vessel. I've added, and will continue to update, the new "CREW" page.

Well, back to space. I really need to work on a promotion. My bridge officers are starting to complain about being outranked by junior crew members, and rightly so.

Captain out.

Meeting the one, the only, Q, on Earth Spacedock.



"Content-Surfing Across the Universe."

It's hard to believe it's been over a year since I created this blog, and almost as long since my last update. It feels like I was only playing STO yesterday! (OK, I was only playing yesterday).

I've accepted that I've come to be a bit (OK, a lot) of a casual content-surfer, but I think I'm going to get into it a lot more over the next few weeks. I'm excited to see what Cryptic's new Free-to-Play model will bring to the table. The amount of support and updates this game has received since launch blows me away. Just compare this pic with the screenshot posted below.

I've added a new page called "AWARDS" where I've attempted to organise the accolade system a bit. My new method is to only include accolades worth 50 points or more to my "rack" in the Captain's bio. I've assigned them ribbons and attempted to create a rough order-of-precedence.

Well, my crew has been idle for long enough. Tonight we hunt Klingon! I mean, follow Starfleet Directive 010 and attempt to achieve a non-military resolution first, of course...

Captain out.

Enjoying some R&R at the Starfleet Academy training facility on Earth.



"100 Days and Still Exploring!"

It's been exactly 100 days since I rolled my character, and as a testament to my extremely casual gaming style, I have only today reached the rank of Lieutenant Commander (a rank most people seem to reach within the first few days of play).

Over that time I can honestly say, while I might not play for weeks at a time, I have never grown tired of STO. Added to that, the developers have continued to make some incredible improvements, and have really listened to the community. I look forward to the huge list of updates planned for this December, especially the Sector-Space revamp! Much credit to dsthal and the other developers.

As I retire my trusty old Miranda class Ashrose I look forward to many more hours of enjoyment and adventuring in my new Excalibur class Ashrose-A (creative with the names aren't I)!

Captain out.

100-Day Anniversary Celebrations from the U.S.S. Ashrose NCC-96230-A.



"Space... The final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Ashrose."

Welcome to the web log of my character in the MMORPG PC game Star Trek Online. Here I will keep track of the background information, promotions, assignments, and other details of the captain and crew of the U.S.S. Ashrose.

While mostly for my own records and enjoyment, I hope others might find something of value within these pages. Feel free to email me at matsky at gmail dot com (no spaces, etc.) with any comments.

To navigate the site use the menu icons on the left side of the screen. I must give credit to the team at the LCARS Standards Development Board for the images that I have borrowed and butchered in order to make this blogspot page resemble something from the world of Star Trek.

Note that I built it using Mozilla Firefox and it is best viewed on that (it looks a little screwy on Explorer).


Captain out.

Lieutenant Rage in the Captain's Ready Room of the U.S.S. Ashrose NCC-96230.